In today’s post, we will discuss back workout with dumbbells. Working with dumbbells is a great way to muscle growth, muscular back, and broader back which will give your upper body a nice shape.

“Exercising the back reduces stiffness by keeping the connective fibers of ligaments and tendons flexible. Improved mobility through back exercise helps to prevent the connective fibers from tearing under stress, which in turn prevents injury and back pain” (spine-health)

We list in this post some back workout with dumbbells that only require a pair of dumbbells and a bench for one of the exercises.

Wide Row:

Every exercise targets the main muscle and a secondary muscle, whereas this one targets the rhomboids which are the upper back muscles that connect the spine and each of two shoulder blades. This exercise targets secondary muscles namely the Rear Deltoids and trapezius.

How to Do It:

1- Grab one dumbbell with each hand.

2- Bring yourself to a squatting position, where you hinge at your hips, and make sure that your torso is almost parallel with the floor.

3- Lift both dumbbells upwards without changing the angels at your knees and hips

4- Lower them back slowly to the starting position after a short pause.

Narrow Row:

This exercise targets the Latissimus dorsi muscle, where this muscle is the biggest muscle in the upper body. Like the above exercise, this one also targets secondary muscles such as Rear Deltoid, rhomboid, and trapezius.

How to Do It:

1- Grab a set of dumbbells

2- Bring yourself to a squatting position, where your torso should be parallel with the floor

3- Make sure that your elbows are bent and your palms are facing each other.

4- Pull up the two dumbbells until your elbows are in line with your rib cage

5- Pause for while and then slowly return to the starting position.

6- Repeat the exercise 4 sets, 10-12 reps

Kneeling One Arm Row:

How to Do It:

1- Choose a flat bench, and place one dumbbell on each side of the bench

2- Place your right leg on the bench, and then bend your torso forward from the waist till your upper body is parallel with the floor.

3- Put your right hand on the other side of the bench for support. {once you are done, you should switch and put your left leg on the bench, and your left hand on the other side of the bench for support, and perform the same exercise for your right side}

4- Lift the dumbbells straight up, and make sure that nothing else other than your hand is moving

5- Lower the dumbbells back down after a short pause

6- Make sure that you breathe out when pulling the dumbbells up, and breathe in when lowering them.

7- Repeat the exercise 4 sets, 10-12 reps

Important Tips:

• Make sure that you squeeze the back muscle once you reach the full contracted position

• When performing this exercise make sure that you are working your back muscle and not the arms.

• It is important that you keep your upper torso stationary and only move your arms.

Back workout with dumbbells has many exercises, I chose to talk about these three today because I consider them the main exercises that every person should do in order to develop a broader and muscular back.

If you think of any other back workout with dumbbell exercises that we should add here, I would love to discuss them with you.


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