Most of the people who go to the gym ignore leg exercises though having a strong lower body is important to performance whether we are talking about sports performance, gym workouts, or normal daily functions. we will be focusing on legs workout with dumbbells

You must exercise your lower body the same way you do with your upper body. Leg exercises work your core muscles and grant you other benefits such as strengthening your grip and improving your balance.

“Legs are the pillars for a healthy body and training them should be a top priority for overall physique and health” (MedicineNet)

In this post, we will list some legs workout with dumbbells that will help you develop a strong lower body.

Goblet Squats

This exercise is good for those who are suffering from a back injury since it does not put any tension on it by forcing you to keep your back straight. The main target of this exercise is your quads.

How to Do it:

1- Stand with your feet in a wide stance, meaning that they should be wider than shoulder-width.

2- Hold a dumbbell in front of your chest with both hands.

3- Make sure that your toes are turned outward at an angle

4- Squat down by pushing your hips back and keeping your back straight until your hamstrings touch your calves.

5- Pause for a while at the bottom position then lift your body back to the starting position.

6- Remember to breathe in when you squat and breathe out when you are coming up

7- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 10-12 reps

Dumbbell Lunges

This is good exercise for those who want to strengthen their legs. The range of motion is an important thing in this exercise which means that you need to master the technique if you want to get the result.

It is not difficult but you need to be aware of your range of motion. For example, most people make the mistake of placing their feet way you exercise too far apart from or too close to each other.

How to Do It:

1- Stand with dumbbells in both hands at your sides

2- Step forward with your left foot and lower your right knee until is nearly touching the ground.

3- Push yourself up by using the heel of your foot and go back to the starting position.

4- Remember to breathe in and out while performing the exercise

5- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 10-12 reps

There are several ways in which this exercise can be performed:

• Alternate each leg: this means doing one repetition with the right leg, then the left leg, then the right, and so on.

• This way you exercise is called Static lunge, where your starting position will be with one of your feet already forward, and all you have to do is go down and up from the starting position until you are done. Then switch legs and do the same thing.

• Walking Lunges, This way you exercise is considered challenging, where you have to walk across the room in a lunging fashion. For this version of lunges, the foot being left behind has to be brought forward after the lunging action is done to continue moving ahead.

Dumbbell Step Ups:

Dumbbell step-ups target your quads, which can be performed by using an elevated platform at your gym or you can use a flat bench.

How to do it:

1- Stand up in front of a flat bench or elevated platform while holding a dumbbell in each hand

2- Make sure that your palms are facing the side of your legs

3- Stand close to the bench or elevated platform with the heel of your left foot entirely on the bench

4- Rise by pushing through the heel of the left foot until both of your legs are straight.

5- Then you should go down with the same foot you came up with

6- Switch and do the same thing with the other leg

7- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 10-12 reps

If you have not done any of these exercises, I urge you to start doing them if you want to develop your lower body. Also, I would like to know if you have other legs workout with dumbbells that we can add, share them with us in a comment below

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