Product:  FLYBIRD Weight Bench

The Cheapest Place to Buy:

price: $227.63

Weight Capacity: 800 lbs

Positions: 7 back positions and 3 seat positions

Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Product Description:

1- The Flybird bench was designed with the advice of a professional coach.

2- The product was made of commercial thickness steel, where it passed thousands of weight tests, to make sure it’s safe for workouts.

3- The weight capacity of this product is 800 pounds, and it is made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel that is sturdy and durable.

4- This product is designed with 7 back positions and 3 seat positions for full body workout

5- It has a fast adjustment with an automatic lock, where all you need to do is pull the fast bolt, and adjust it to the position of your liking

6- Flybird bench seat was made of PU leather and filled with soft foam padding,

7- It comes with 10.6 inches upgraded backseat.

8- This bench is a foldable bench, easy to carry and no assembly needed

= => Order today and get a 1-year cover on the frame, 30 days cover on the pads<= = 

Importance of Weight benches:

The weight benches play a significant role in a workout routine for anyone, and it has many benefits when used the right way:

1- They offer that needed support when lifting a heavyweight

2- They give the user more confidence, which allows him/her to focus on the exercise rather than worrying about losing control or balance

3- They benefit the user by improving his/her core stability and strengthening the lower back muscles

4- The weigh benches can be used in a variety of exercises using dumbbells or bars.

5- The flat, incline, decline weight benches can also be used for abdominal exercises

6- They are good for beginners, where they help them maintain proper posture, breathing techniques, and exercise techniques.

My opinion on the product:

I am very happy with the product and I believe in it because its quality is very high and well-made. It can be assembled easily thanks to clear and straightforward instructions. It is somehow expensive but trusts me it deserves every penny.

There are many things that I like about this product but the most important one is the fact that FLYBIRD Weight Bench has ergonomically designed 3 positions seats which gives the ability to do a large range of exercises. For example, you can do bench presses, incline bench presses, and decline bench presses.

Other weight benches come only with two-position seats such as flat and incline, but this has all three, which I consider being great. It has great padding, its cover is so comfortable, and it does not feel like plastic. The bench is long which means if you are a tall person like over 6 when you lie down your head will be supported and your feet will be in a good position.  Click Here to learn more about X FLYBIRD Weight Bench

I would love to know your opinion of the product, and I would like to know about your experience with the product.

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