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Did you know that a back workout with a barbell has more benefits than you might know?

Many people do not know this, but it is important to work on your back as hard as your chest and shoulders. You should dedicate as much time and effort to it as you do to other muscles.

There are many benefits of exercising your back such as improving your posture, and boosting your strength for other lifts since the upper and mid back muscles help stabilize your shoulders. Also, it helps your get rid of back pain (this one is from a personal experience).

As well as, exercising your back helps strengthen your arms since many of the exercises require the use of your arms for pulls and rows. Thus, exercising your rear will help you develop your front too.

You can use any equipment to exercise your back, but I would recommend the use of a barbell for the majority of your back exercises if not all of them. The reason is that people who train their back using barbells never seem to lack back development. holding and stabilizing the bar only puts demand on everything from the traps to the erectors of the spine. This routine of barebones will thicken your front to back, and widen your side to side.

In this post, we will be listing some of my favorite back workouts with barbells to exercise your entire back.



1- Stand straight and position your feet mid-bar.

2- Crouch down to reach the barbell while maintaining a tight core, and grab it with both hands at about shoulder-width apart.

3- Engage your lats keeping a straight back, lifting your chest, and most importantly keeping a neutral spine

4- Raise your body up until you reach the standing position for the lockout.

5- Slowly lower your body back down after a short pause

6- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 8-10 reps for each set.


This exercise works every last bit of muscle tissue on your back which will help you improve core stability and activate countless secondary muscles.

Bent-Over Row:

1- Stand upright and grab the bar with a supinated grip with both hands

2- Bend your knees slightly and bring the torso portion of your body forward

3- Make sure that you maintain a neutral spine position throughout the exercise.

4- Lift the barbell upwards without moving your back, hips, and knees

5- Pause for a second then lower the barbell back to the starting position

6- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 8-10 reps for each set.


1- Make sure that your upper body maintains a stationary position throughout the exercise

2- Try to keep your back straight during the exercise. only your arms should move.

T-Bar Row:

1- Grab the barbell and place it into a corner or landmine station if that available in your gym

2- Start loading weight plates to the outward side of the bar.

3- Stand over the middle of the barbell and make sure to bend your knee and maintain a neutral spine (this will be your starting position)

4- Place the seated row attachment underneath the bar against the loaded side

5- While maintaining a tight core start pulling the bar upward towards the middle portion of your abdomen.

6- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 8-10 reps for each set.


1- If the row attachment is not available you can grab the bat itself.

2- During the movement try to engage your lats to eliminate bicep activation

Barbell Shrug:

1- Stand up and hold the barbell in front of your thighs, arms extended, and palms facing back.

2- Raise the barbell by raising your shoulders straight up and slowly lowering it back down after a short pause.

3- Keep your arms extended during the exercises

4- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 8-10 reps for each set.

Meadows Row:

1- Start by positioning the barbell and place it into a corner or landmine station

2- Place the side of your body that’s closest to the bat in a higher position than the other side of your body.

3- While maintaining a neutral spine, focus on driving your elbows back beyond your torso.

4- After a short pause lower your elbow back to the starting position

5- Repeat the exercise for 4 sets, 8-10 reps for each set


If you execute this exercise the proper way, you will see that your lats are developed in a detailed way that amateur gym goers could only dream of.

Barbell Good Morning:

1- Hold a barbell behind your shoulders with both hands and lean forward until your upper body is perpendicular to the floor.

2- Raise your upper body until you stand and slowly lower it back after a short pause.

3- Breathe out while you’re raising and breathe in while you’re lowering yourself back.

Looking For More Back Workouts Tips!

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