We always hear about gym etiquette and rules, but what do they mean? Gym etiquette is stated and unspoken rules, where these rules are matters of common sense and respect for others in the gym. It is all about being aware of how your behavior may affect the people with you in the gym. Also, it is about knowing that you are in a public place, where everything there is shared by everyone, so make sure that you do not treat the equipment like they are your own.

The reason that we have gym etiquette and rules is that it creates an environment where everyone feels comfort and safety, which will allow them to work out without worrying about what the individual next to them may do. In this article, I will list some of these rules which I think are the most important ones.


Ask Gently:

There are two things I would like to talk about at this point. First, let’s say you want to use a machine or bar and there is someone who is using it; what you should do is ask them nicely how many sets they still have, and when you get the answer walk away and wait for them to finish their exercise in peace instead of staring at them or sitting next to them which will make them uncomfortable.

Secondly, if a person is using a machine or equipment, and you want to get another piece of equipment next to them, ask before walking up and grabbing the weight. Walking by someone who is lifting a heavyweight to grab something near them is dangerous, you might knock them by mistake which results in devastating injury, plus it is rude.


Put the Weights Back:

Have you ever walked into the gym and seen that half of the dumbbells are on the floor? How did that make you feel?

It happened to me once, and it felt like walking into children playing room to find Legos everywhere. Honestly, it irritates me because that is not the way adults should behave. This rule is the only rule I have seen written next to weights and dumbbells and the majority of people do not follow it. Leaving weights on the floor is not only rude but it is also kind of dangerous if someone tripped on them.

For extra point, if you find weights somewhere on the floor where it does not belong or should not be, be gentle and put them back where they should be.

put - the - wights - back

Clean up:

Almost every gym has many wipes and sprays bottles for only one purpose which is to clean equipment and benches after we use them. When you work out, you will sweat and it is rude and gross to leave sweat on a piece of equipment. Cleaning your sweat-off equipment is not only a rule but also a sanitary matter.

Germs and bacteria are covering every piece of equipment in the gym, and adding sweat to that is not healthy for anybody. So, clean up after yourself because people like to work out on clean equipment.


Don’t Sit on Equipment if You’re Not Using It:

Never sit on equipment if you are not using it. Move and let others use it. If you have so much time to waste, others do not, they want to finish their workout and get on with their lives. Some people do not like or feel comfortable asking others to move, so if you want to sit and chat or look at your phone do it somewhere that is designed for sitting.

Be Considerate of Other People

There are many gym etiquette and rules, but I have listed a few of them which I think are important from my perspective. We all like to work out in an environment where we feel comfortable and safe. Let’s make sure that we follow these rules ourselves before we ask others to do so.

I would like to hear your opinion about the rules, and if you have other rules that you like to add write them in the comment box, and let’s discuss them.

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