Product: BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

Price: $76.99 – $179.00

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Weight Capacity: 16.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Product Description:

1- The BodyBoss 2.0 is designed to simulate all the equipment and machines you see at the gym, and combine them into one workout concept.

2- BodyBoss 2.0 is portable and it considered being the first home gym that you can take anywhere.

3- It is designed in a way that makes it lightweight and compact, yet still versatile at the same time. Due to its unique design, the BodyBoss will help you reach your fitness goal and perform any gym exercises you want.

4- It helps you to perform gym exercises attached to resistance and burn more calories, whereas the Fold Up platform allows you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty just by shortening or lengthening the bands. Also, you still can make the exercise harder by just adding more than one band on either side of you.

5- AMAZON BONUS: amazon offers a free start-up workout program which is optional. The program will help you learn BodyBoss 2.0 and how you can work with it. You will receive the URL to this link of the start-up 1-page guide in your package.

6- The BodyBoss comes with 2 resistance bands that will help you customize your workouts, 2 limb straps for resistance boxing, and a cardio workout. Also, it comes with 2 handles to simulate dumbbells, 1 collapsible workout bar to simulate a squat rack and bar at the gym, and one door, and anchor.

Perfect Home Gym:

Without a doubt, BodyBoss 2.0 is the perfect home gym, where the main point of the product is to mimic the real gym. It allows you to perform all the exercises you used to do at the gym using free weights or machines. Part of that, when it comes to increasing weight all you need to do is add another resistance band.

Another good thing about BodyBoss 2.0 is that it saves you a membership fee, sometimes life takes us by surprise and we get busy to the point that we cannot go to the gym. If you are a member of any gym you will be paying even though you are not attending. But with this product, you pay only once and trust me when you get used to it, it will become more valuable than a gym membership.
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With that being said, this product is not for everyone. With this product, you get only what you are willing to put into it. Many people complain about the work they should do before they use the product such as attachments.

I will say it again, the product is perfect but you have to put some effort into it such as setting it up, making sure that bands are all attached perfectly, and creating the routine that suits you.

Full - Portable - Home - Gym


Everyone wants to get into shape, and it is not always easy to make time for the gym. Besides that, with what the world is going through nowadays because of Coronavirus and the need to quarantine ourselves in our homes, the BodyBoss is the ultimate choice for those who want to stay in shape.

Between the equipment and the training records that come with the product, you will be having a powerful combination of the right tools and motivation to get the results you have always wanted.

With BodyBoss 2.0 you can easily exercise your upper and lower body, do a cardio resistance boxing workout, and body part focus workout, you can do all that with just one product at home or your chosen location.

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