The Sirtfood diet revolves around eating things like kale, dark chocolate, and wine that contain a natural chemical called polyphenols that are said to activate genes that mimic the benefits of exercise and fasting (and ultimately lead to weight loss).

Besides these, potent superfoods include strawberries, red onions, cinnamon, and turmeric. The sirtuins that these foods will activate are proteins that have been associated in some studies with controlling inflammation and promoting fat burning. According to the plan, consuming specific meals will trigger your “skinny gene” pathway and cause you to lose seven pounds in seven days.

The diet was created in 2015 as a result of research on proteins called sirtuins, which revealed that they may control a variety of bodily processes, including those related to metabolism, inflammation, and aging. The term “sirtfoods” was used to describe foods that included substances believed to increase the amount of these proteins in the body.

The - Sirtfood - Diet - Plant-based - diet

Sirtfood Diet Phases:

Phase 1:

The Sirtfood diet’s first phase involves a person sticking to a very calorie-restricted meal schedule.

A person on the diet would consume 1,000 calories per day for the first three days by eating one Sirtfood-rich meal and drinking three green shakes.

Two Sirtfood-rich meals and two shakes per day are consumed for a total of 1,500 calories per day on days 4 through 7.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is two weeks long. A person would drink one green shake and three Sirtfood-rich meals daily during this stage. Similar to phase 1, this phase has a strong emphasis on weight loss.

The duration of the Sirtfood short-term diet is 3 weeks. You’re urged to keep up your daily green juice intake and sirtfood-rich diet beyond these three weeks. On the Sirtfood website, you may find various cookbooks and recipes.

One recipe for green juice on the Sirtfood website combines kale and other leafy greens with parsley, celery, green apple, ginger, lemon juice, and matcha. Other suggested additions for your green juice include buckwheat and lovage. According to the plan, juices should be made in a juicer rather than a blender since they will taste better.

Health Benefits of Sirtfood Diet:

Good for the Health of Your Heart:

The Sirtfood diet is plant-based and may be good for your heart, especially if it helps you lose weight if you’re overweight or obese, which are serious risk factors for heart disease.

Atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction, heart failure, arrhythmias, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and dyslipidemia are only a few of the cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses that have been linked in some studies to the aging-related reduction in sirtuin activity. But it’s not obvious if this has anything to do with the sirtfood diet specifically.

Brain Health:

In addition to avoiding dementia, the selenium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants present in the diet’s produce, lean protein, walnuts, spices, olive oil, and fatty fish are vital for maintaining mental health and mood. Unfortunately, a lack of enough calories and a potential lack of fiber will certainly cause weariness for many of the dieters who follow this diet.

Joint and Bone Health:

Sirtuins play a crucial role in healthy skeletal growth. One sirtuin subtype has even been touted as a potential “therapeutic agent for the disease of low bone mass.” There is evidence that sirtuins may prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis brought on by aging. Sirtuin activators may also stop the cartilage from deteriorating, which can happen with age or after injury.

Weight loss:

The idea behind the Sirtfood Diet is that by eating a lot of foods that activate sirtuins, specific genes will be activated to increase metabolism and burn fat. These genes have been connected to lipolysis and fat loss in several animal studies. The calorie limitation on the Sirtfood Diet may also be responsible for weight loss.

High in Antioxidants:

On the Sirtfood Diet, antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries, red wine, coffee, and dark chocolate are not only permitted but recommended. It has been demonstrated that antioxidants can protect against disease and free radical damage.

Risks of Sirtfood Diet:

Health Issues Could Result from Low-Calorie Intake:

It has been demonstrated that eating fewer calories causes weight loss, however, a diet with too few calories cannot provide enough nourishment. Headaches, weakness, exhaustion, nausea and vomiting, constipation, dehydration, low blood sugar, poor breath, diarrhea, and dizziness are all adverse effects of consuming inadequate calories.

Not A Long-term Diet:

Up to two meals, a day can be swapped out for green juices during the first phase of the Sirtfood Diet. It has a very low-calorie count. The three-week diet is not long-term sustainable, despite the second phase’s higher calorie and more substantial meal content. Dieters shouldn’t resume the three-week strategy right away to continue losing weight.

It Could Result in Nutritional Deficiencies:

Even with an emphasis on nutrient-dense diets, a lack of calories frequently equates to a lack of nutrients. This may result in problems like bone loss.

The - Sirtfood - Diet - Plant-based - diet

What Can You Eat in the Sirtfood Diet?

The official book for the diet plan is available for purchase on their website. Additionally, several cookbooks are available that offer Sirtfoods-based meal suggestions. The following are the 20 foods that you are allowed to eat in this diet:


2- Red Wine

3- Soy

4- Lovage

5- Onions

6- Dark Chocolate Containing 85% Cocoa

7- Matcha Green Tea

8- Turmeric

9- Bird’s Eye Chili

10- Walnuts

11- Red Chicory

12- Medjool Dates

13- Capers

14- Blueberries

15- Arugula

16- Extra Virgin Olive Oil


18- Kale

19- Buckwheat

20- Coffee

Who Should Not Follow the Sirtfood Diet?

People with a history of eating disorders or those who are vulnerable may experience troublesome eating behaviors as a result of the sirtfood diet, according to some experts.

this die is not good for people who engage in frequent exercise, athletes, or people with physically demanding jobs because it does not include enough calories to support such activity. Diabetes patients should avoid this diet.

One-Day Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Dark chocolate, chopped walnuts, and mixed berries in soy yogurt

Lunch: Kale, parsley, celery, apple, walnuts, and a sirtfood salad with lemon juice, ginger, and olive oil on top.

Dinner: Prawns stir-fried with spinach and buckwheat noodles.

In addition, one sirtfood green juice each day.

The - Sirtfood - Diet - Plant-based - diet

To Sum Up:

If someone wants to try the Sirtfood diet, they should first consult their doctor. Your physician can help you decide if the diet is the appropriate one for you not, and he/she can give some advice and direction.

The Sirtfood diet has supporters who claim that it aids in disease prevention, weight loss, and anti-aging. The success of this diet hasn’t been the subject of much research, so one would want to approach it with caution.

Other Options To Lose Weight:







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